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Investment in Beijing

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Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China, is the center of the nation's politics, culture and international exchanges and the city with the fastest economic growth rate and the most development potential.

Location Strength

The Bohai Economic Sphere, Beijing as the center, is the biggest industrial region of China including Liaotung Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province. It has been becoming the most active area with the most development potential for China's economic development and has provided Beijing a broad space for development.

Beijing is located at the middle of Chinese inland market. So, it has important influence on the markets in northeast China, north China and northwest China. As a key joint city in north China connecting with domestic and foreign markets, Beijing has huge market scale.

Transportation Strength

Beijing is a China's important pivot connecting the world with intensive air routes to everywhere in the world. Excellent port infrastructure—Depending on digital network technology, it only takes one hour to one of the biggest international container transport harbor-New Tianjin Harbor via expressway. That has made the import and export of Beijing-based enterprises more convenient by sea.

Beijing is the key portal for the transnational enterprises entry into Chinese market

Beijing has leading high and new technology industry, developed modern service trade and strongly developing industry. More than 185 of the world top 500 enterprises and more then 7000 have invested and settled in Beijing and set up over 180 R & D centers. Currently in Beijing, foreign representative offices in Beijing hare more than 7000.

Development zones and industrial parks in Beijing

There are many industrial parks orienting different functions in Beijing, which have constructed broad space for the development of modern manufacturing and mature industrial foundation, at the suburbs around the perimeter of the city.

State-level Development Zones

Beijing Economic and Technology Development Area

Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area is the earliest state economic and technological development area that enjoys dual policy preferences to state economic and technological development areas and to state high-tech industrial parks.

Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park

Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park was approved as China's first high-tech park by the State Council in 1988. Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park consists of ten parks which are located in different districts of Beijing, including:

  • Haidian Park
  • Fengtai Park
  • Changping Park
  • Yizhuang Park
  • Desheng Park
  • Shijingshan Park
  • Yonghe Park
  • Tongzhou Park
  • Electronic Town
  • Daxing Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park

Beijing Tianzhu Export-Oriented Processing Zone

Established in 2000 by the State Council, Beijing Tianzhu Export Processing Zone is the only state-level export processing zone in Beijing. The goal for development is as the follows: Turning the area into a zone of Beijing with most concentrated group of export-oriented enterprises, the largest export scope and the widest opening degree. And it is set to become a pioneering area in Beijing in industrializing high technology, a major export area, and an exemplary area involved with processing trade.

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